Love all hate none

sweet memories:

Let me go down the memory lane to my school days : In the year 1942 my family escaped from Rangoon, Burma after the 1st day of vigorous bombing by the Japanese.We came by the last boat that survived, landed in Madras, looked after by Simpson Venkataraman. Finally we reached Vadiveeswaram, our home Village in the town of Nagercoil.   Our house in Deep Street, Vadiveeswaram was the second biggest house in the street and we had the luxury of first floor for studies. There was a balcony on the first floor which was my popular place for studies. I used to walk up and down and read aloud and by this way I was able to grasp everything nicely.

  I have always been a morning person. In those days I used to wake up at 5.30 AM. After a little prayer with my grandfather in the Pooja area, the day started. We used to get 'kanji' or 'Morsatham' in the morning. I went the river to take bath and sometimes to the village tank. I learnt swimming without any guide and therefore in the hard way by drinking water a few times. During the bath I washed my clothes and while returning from the river to home (a distance of 1 miles) dried the dhoti by using the wind energy. On the way back I used to go to Azhagamman Temple,had Darshan and got Prasadhams. During the first few years of my schooling there was no electricity and so we had to learn under the illumination of the oil lamp or Hurricane lamp. Anyway this problem was less for me as I used to read only in the early morning hours.I wore half-pant and half-shirt for the school (no fixed uniform for the school) and my mother dressed me up meticulously. Lunch came to the school in tiffin carriers and we used to eat in the drill room. We returned home around 4 PM from school and took some light snacks and coffee or milk and went out to play with friends. After an hour we came back, had a wash and did the home work. Early evening around 7 PM we used to get our dinner.The memories of the school days are still fresh. While going to school (25 minutes walk) we used to have a nice conversation with friends. On the way was NS Krishnan s house (famous comedian) and if he was in town we used to come via his house and it was a pleasure to meet him and enjoy his smiling manners.

On the other days when he was not in town we used to walk via the Town Park and reach home by short cut. During my school days I edited a handwritten Tamil magazine called "Kalaichudar" for which the famous Cartoonist Thanu (of Anaanda Vikatan fame) drew original cartoons. I had already composed quite a few songs which I wrote nicely in a book called "Kavithoguthi" and submitted to the famous Tamil Scholar "TKC" who gave me the title "Bala Bharathi" at the age of 13. Later I got myself engaged in the pursuit of Tamil and wrote several short stories, poems etc., gave extempore talks in Tamil and English. Through the help of my maternal grandfather I had the privilege of meeting Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh (Founder Head of the Divine Life Society) who radiated love and brilliance.Among other things (after his speech) he sang the English song "Eat a little, Drink a little". I was so impressed and attracted to him.

A new chapter in my life started after my marriage in June 1957.I returned from abroad in March 1956 and established the branch of my German firm 'Conti Electro ' in Bombay.In October 1956, I went to Ajmer in Rajasthan (where my wife was staying with her parents) to meet her based on the astrlogical selection made by my father.The wedding took place in Madras in June 1957 and all the prosperity in my life I owe to Vasantha, my dear wife.She is well qualified and well accomplished and has always been a great support for me with unceasing affection and love. We lived in India and abroad together and have four gems Sudha, Mani,Rema and Karthik as our children.Our sweet memories with the upbringing of our children , great support from my parents during our stay abroad are always fresh .Our children have grown into brilliant citizens and they are our treasure , now with their spouses and our grand children.

My life is predestined to be a life of continuous travel right from Childhood. An astrologer said that I have a 'Chakara Yoga ' which indicates elaborate travel. I was born in India in the village Vadiveeswaram and soon there after moved with my mother to Rangoon. Thus the early years of my life was spent in Rangoon with frequent travel to India with my parents. Later I finished schooling in home town and traveled to Bombay for college studies and later to Trivandram for Engineering. There was a weekly travel to the hometown and occasional travel to Calcutta.   

After the Engineering graduation , the professional life was filled with extensive travels in India and abroad. I have officially visited most of the countries in Europe,Middle East, parts of Africa, U.K, U.S.A, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philipines, Australia, Denmark, Sweden,Scotland and Ireland.

I had undertaken pilgrimage to various places from Amritsar to Kanyakumari ,from Sourashtra to Calcutta, Allahabad and Varanasi and Spiritual journeys to various parts of the world with Swami Ritajananda, President Ramakrishna Mission, Paris and Swami Dayananda.

The journey goes on and visits to Hawaii islands and Sicily islands are highlights.Travel keeps me young and that is my life's journey from birth to the ceseation of life.God's grace and his presence inside keeps me going.

Social services have been in my blood right from my young age inspired by reading the autobiographies of great leaders.During school days I got involved in enforcing discipline among youngsters in the village.A major clean up campaign was initiated in the village and it was succesfully implimented by organising a team of workers chosen from my young friends -this was under the guidence of Mr.Sekhar who had returned from USA to our village.The same spirit continued all through my life,in helping poor people,physically and mentally challenged people,being of personal help to old people and taking part in homes for old people and more specially in conducting special classes for children to inculcate discipline and faith in oneself and reverance to Elders and God.