Love all hate none

Comments made by justice Sri P.R Gokulakrishnan ,

Retired Chief justice,Gujarat High Court,

on the book

'Secrets of Guaranteed Success in life'.



I have gone through the book titled as "Secrets of Guaranteed Suceess in Life".He is an engineer by profession and that is why I find precision in his thought -provoking advise to everyone. 

There is positive thinking in this book by the author and he is very optimistic about future.He does not accept the proverb,


There is no age limit for correcting oneself for the purpose of leading good life.The author stresses the 5Ds,i.e.,Dedication,Discipline,Devotion,Duty conciousness and Development of character.He compares perfect learning by a person to a sculptor who carves out a line figure from a block of stone.The simile is excellent.To develop the character,one should have the purity of thought and putting such a thought in words and then in action.The uniformity practised in life will definitely develop one's personality and also the fame and name of an individual.Mr .Iyer believes in sincere and whole -hearted hard work and stresses the same for achieving success. There is no short cut to sucess in life and that is why the author emphasizes the need for an individual to achieve success more by perspiration than by inspiration.The author's approach to the divine status is really interesting.He says each one of us is a manifestation of God and God is in everyone of us and not only in the temples or the in the church.He answers by stating that in the temple or in the church God is there because you invoking God there. He goes a step further and states that there is no God in the stone unless all of us go to invoke God.He further states 'you send the God there from you'.Thisstatement of the author really impressed me.The meaning for kadavul(God)is that you have to get into your soul and find out the divinity in it.Even the Sithars have stated,


The author further illustrates the great saying in Bhagavat Gita by stating that one should set his own priority. He further states that if you want to become a philosopher ,you go in that line and that choice is yours.This reminds me of the great saying ' Do you do the duty perfectly and leave the rest to God'

The reformative theory is much appreciated by the author.He boldly states that prayer must come from your heart and you can do it from the house.He further states that it is not essential that you go to temple everyday.It must be a sincere prayer.The perfect harmonising of body, mind and spirit will transform a person as a divine being.This great saying has been succinctly brought forth in tiruppavai by our great Azhvar Andal as


Apart from all these philosophical thoughts Mr.Iyer has decried watching Television and also reading trash literatures.He advises everyone to shed ego.

Dealing with the problems that arise in our life ,Mr.Iyer says most of the problems are created by us ,by some mal adjustments of our thinking.The great Thirumular in his Thirumandiram,asserted the value of the body by stating that the omnipotent lies within one's body and as such the body as such the body has to be protected.Such a thought has been put very nicely by Iyer by stating that body is the temple of God and one cannot neglect the same.

Finally, Mr.Iyer advised everyone to plan and act.Aimlessness leads to nowhere.Things done without planning is like crisis management.But if you plan Mr.Iyer says,you can avoid the crisis itself.

The author has definely said that one must eschew jealousy and states that it will have a negative effect on your growth.He wants the youth to work hard to achieve better results.Such a suggestion has been forcefully brought out by the great poet Thiruvalluvar in his couplet saying