Love all hate none

Right from my young age I chose to lead the path of God which means the path with full of reverence and devotion to God and the divine forces shown to us from time to time by listening to our inner voice. Born to Thanu Iyer and Anantha Lakshmi I had the family with religious background.

Thanu Iyer was a very hard working, disciplined person and came up in life from poor circumstances. He was a self made man and his intelligence and perseverance brought him to great heights in life. His life and abilities made a mark in my life's progress and I owe everything to him. He used to help all people young and old and was therefore loved by everyone.

My Mother Anantha Lakshmi Ammal was a pet daughter of her parents as she was the only female child. Her brothers used to love her beyond measure. She was God fearing and used to chant 'Slogas' and left the 'Pooja' to my father. She loved all of us, Seven Children - Five Sons and Two daughters and had great responsibility in caring for us and bringing us up. She was correct in everything and was very capable in managing the household with limited means. I am the eldest son and hence she used to look to me for making all family decisions. I loved my brothers and sisters and did everything for maintaining the family harmony.

Later in our home village of Vadiveeswaram which is in the town of Nagerkoil now in Kanyakumari district, I was under the care of my grandparents Rama Iyer and Parvathi Ammal. Both were religious persons. There was regular pooja in the house and frequent Ganapathi Homam on Fridays was performed by my grandfather's brother Narayana Iyer. Every morning my Grand father did Ramayana Parayanam in which I participated and showed great fervor to participate in the Bhajans organised in the village and regular visit to the two temples-Azhagamman Temple and PerumalTemple-in the village right after having a bath in the nearby river [Pazhayar]or in the tank adjoining the temple

Right in my young age I was privileged to be accepted as a member in the Aurobindo Study Group by the village elders. Very deep impact was made in my mind by Ramana Maharishi who became realized soul in his very young age. I had the good fortune of having a Darshan of Swami Sivananda in my young age and receive his blessings. Later I became an active member of the Divine Life Society.Great Tamil scholars like Desiga Vinayagam Pillai and T.K.Chidambaranatha Muthaliyar(TKC) have blessed me and given the title 'Bala Bharathi' which motivated me to study the renowned works of Bharathiyar and other saintly scholars as Vallalar,Avviayar,Thirumoolar etc.,. and this ensured my growth in the path of God.

In the later years after my return abroad, I became an active follower of Swami Chinmayananda whose spiritual work I pursued with vigor. Having gone through his course of study and also listening to his series of talks in Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads the fervor got increased. Later Sri Swamiji appointed me as the study group leader in Zurich, Switzerland.

The exposure to Ramakrishna Mission and early contacts to Swami Ranganathananda through my uncle Mahadevan gave me ample opportunities to listen to his talks and visit the Belur Mutt in Calcutta.The connection with the Ramakrishna Mission became intense during the later years of my stay in Europe by establishing close contact with Swami Ritajananda, president of Centre Vedanta Ramakrishna in Gretz, Paris.During the years of stay in Switzerland we both (Amma and Me) were invited by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to visit his World Head Quarters in Seelisberg near Luzerne on top of the hills. It was a delightful experience to receive his blessings and to witness levitation by his disciples and the foundation work for Maharishi Ayurved.Later in London, I had good exposure Hare Krishna Movement and visits to their temples and to The Ramakrishna Mission Centre in London - Swami Bhavyananda. Back in India, the vigor of spiritual study continued. In Madras, we had the privilege of close contacts with Ambattur Mouna Swamigal.

From 1966, frequent visits to Kancheepuram and great experience with the MahaPeriyaval(Senior Holiness of the Kanchi Mutt)who set the crown, gave me a strong insatiable urge to pursue Advaita. Over one year of intimate contacts with Doctor T.M.P Mahadevan, Director of the Advanced Centre of Philosophy in The Madras University was another good fortune

.By divine grace, I met Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar through whom the exposure to Lord Guruvayoorappan happened.Association with great Swamijis was a product of our settling in Madras. The blessings of Swami Dayananda and close association with him followed.The lost thread with Ramanashram was revived through my cousin Ananthaswamy and through my dear friend Dwarakanath Reddy. Visits to Thiruvannamalai followed.

Close connection was established with the Aurobindo Ashram through personal connections with stalwarts like Navajata,MP Pandit etc.,. I also took active part in the Madras Centre through Saroj Goenka. Divine made it possible for a personal audience with the Mother of Pondicherry. I was given an opportunity to serve as a consultant in Auroville Project.

During the years 1966 to 1974, we had the good fortune of frequent visits to Thirukovilur and close connection to Swami Gyananda Giri - a realized soul - whose blessings have been of immense value.

Subsequent years have been given opportunity to meet several Swamijis and Saintly People like Nishargatta Maharaj, Sathya Sai Baba and close personal association with Sri Sri RaviShankar and the Art of Living Organization enabling a renewal and revival of the atomic force through Sudarshan Kriya.Personal connection with Kamakshi Swamigal (an ardent disciple of Kanchi Paramacharya) deserves special mention.

Saints and saintly Institutions known to me since 1942

Aurobindo Ashram (later was invited by Mother for Interview)
Swami Sivananda
Swami Haridas
Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi (experienced the Jyoti when he left the Mortal Coil)
Guruji Shanthibhai of Gujarat
Baba of Bengal
Swami Ranganathananda
Swami Chinmayananda
Swami Rama Theertha
Swami Nishargadatta Maharaj
Swami Poornananda
Swami Bhoomananda
Swami Nityananda
Swami Gynananda Saraswathi
Kanchi SriMahaperiaval
Sri Jayendra Saraswathi
Sri Vijayendra Saraswathi
Sringeri Acharyas
Swami Ritajananda
Swami Atmaswarupananda
Swami Suddhananda
Yogi Suddhananda Bharathi
Vibhoothi Swami Nityananda
Vishwa Shanthi Nilayam
Swami Santhananda
Swami Chidbavananda
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Sri Sri Ravishankar
Swami Vidyatmananda
Kamakshi Swamigal
Kamakshi Sundaresa Swamigal
Guruji Ramachandraji
Muralidhara Swamigal
Ganapathi Satchidananda
Swami Nirmalananda
Mounananda Swamigal
Rohini Krishnananda
Swami Venkatesananda
Swami Dayananda
Vishri Swamigal
Nachiappa Swamigal
Balamurugan Adimai Swamigal
Swami Satchidananda
Swami Vishnu Devananda
Swamini Karunamayi
Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba
Swami Tejomayananda
Swami Abhedananda
Pollachi Swamigal
Swami Santhananda of Malaysia
Swami Suddhaji
Swami Paramarthananda
Vedathri Maharishi
Saptarishi Venugopala Swamigal
Swami Suvijnananda
Samayapuram Swamigal
Swami Chidananda
Mata Anandamayee
Swami Omkarananda, Theni
Tapovan Kasi Viswanatha Swamigal