Love all hate none
  HOW TO BE ALWAYS HAPPY WITH THE GRACE OF GOD -An article written to the souvneir released by the board of the Ekambareshwara temple (very ancient,renovated five years ago)at Nanmangalam, Chennai-600117 .

From the days of my young age about 70 years have passed. Meanwhile the mode of life of our countrymen has changed considerably. Change is no doubt part of Nature. However, according to the changes brought about by the efflux of time, one has to reorient the mind structure, bodily orderliness and food habits. The guidelines that had high importance during my young age are:

Joint family life
Village life (even cities were functioning like large villages)
Respect and deep regard for elders
Faith in God (practised in daily life)
Respect for Nature
Upbringing of children by great care, attention, and code of conduct through examples displayed by parents
Focussed attention for education and for cultivating general knowledge
When these values change, life itself will change. In such a situation, each individual has to take the right steps and right decisions based on life's values. If this does not happen,there is a good chance of the mind getting confused and this will create worries one after another. As a result of this, mental peace will be disturbed radically.

In the womb of the mother, a child keeps swimming and remains immensely happy. Once the child enters the world, it starts crying - why? The child has to struggle in this mad world to learn everything one by one. If the child is denied the opportunity to observe the parents and learn the important values of life from them, life's journey will become difficult for the child.

Generally they say there are two sets of people - believers in God (theists) and non believers in God (atheists). In reality, the socalled atheists are living in a confused state of mind, though they would hate to admit that. When examined in depth, they have within them some kind of faith in God or in nature. At some point of time in their lives, its meaning will be understood by them. Some kind of faith in the superpower is enough-it will serve as a great support and backing to the mind in times of misery and problems. At such times, this faith will give the mental strength to manage any problem with a happy frame of mind. This will be the pointer for achieving further realisation of God.

Mathru devo Bhava - Mother is like God
Pithru devo Bhava - Father is like God
Acharya devo Bhava - Guru is like God

The power within us will gradually unfold itself. Lack of self confidence will disappear. Courage will grow. Ability to perform well in life will develop. Divine spark within us will start revealing itself.

Once we realise the inner force we possess, fear will disappear and Victory in life will be ours in our endeavours. We should try to understand the impact of the statement- "doing our duties well is our part in life". The other statement says "All that happens after that is for our good". With such an attitude if we do our duties, Victory will be always ours.

Good luck, Wealth etc are created by us by the intense power of our thoughts. For our progress in life. respect of nature is equally important. We should be able to see the manifestation of God in all living beings such as plants, trees, birds and animals and even in inanimate objects such as precious and non precious stones. Once we see God in everything around us, pure love will grow within us, divine spark will appear and consequently we will attain divine grace.

Everyone should understand the values of their culture well. Noble qualities should be adhered to. In this material world, several forces are working to divert us from the right path. We have to be careful every moment as the evil forces are trying to take us away from the right path.

Science is very good. In the name of science, ignorance, false values and lack of true understanding arebeing impinged into us and we have to be extremely careful all the time.

Without understanding ones own religion and the great cultural values, if we adopt other thoughts and other ideas alien to our values, we would end up in confusion. We would lose the jewel on hand and get an imitation stone instead which has no value whatsoever.

We should eat healthy food and dress ourselves to enhance our personality and not imitate others. To attain depth of true knowledge, we should worship God and practise meditation regularly. Repeating the name of God, 108 times a day gives us power of concentration and memory. We should be loving to others andnot desire things possessed by others, curtail excessive desires and thus control our Ego and thus destroy false pride in us.

The divine force in us will be awakened and that divine light will give us a positive aura. We can then manage all our life's problems and worries with great ease and be ever peaceful and happy. We can also transform others and make them happy individuals.


Introspection is essential before blaming anyone. That is the essence of life. Noone is without blemishes Malice only ruins our health and life. Pour love and radiate joy all the time.Think for a moment that the other person"s behaviour may be due to our own faults and actions based on suspicion or misunderstanding