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My Experiences with Paramacharya

We hail from a regious family , being the descendents of Sri Krishna Vadyar of Asramam, near Suchindram.My father, Sri.Thanu Iyer was a great devotee of Kanchi Acharya.In 1966, I moved to Madras and was closely associated with Dr.T.M.P.Mahadevan;I never missed an opportunity of having Paramacharya's darshan in Kanchipuram and other places where he camped, such as Karvetnagar,Padarpur,Bellary etc.,.

Since I was a long standing resident of Germany, I was once asked by Him to carry an important message to German Government, asking them to stop the slaughter of a large number of cows, which was immenent at that time.Herr Von Weizsacker was the president of the Federal Republic of Germany at that time.His brother Richard was philosopher and he was closely associated with the Paramacharya.The letter was delivered to Richard who spoke to his brother , and he intervened and thus the slaughter was stopped.The Indian Government , at the advice of Paramacharya , agreed to import those cows for rehabilitation in India.

On another occasion , I presented the copy of a book written by me in German language "India - Economic power of the future" and Paramacharya took keen interest in it and asked me to translate and read the pages selected by him.Then he was so pleased that he blessed the venture.The great honour was that he kept my book along with his personal collection of books, by his side.This was the biggest blessing and the book received great recognition in Germany.

On another occassion at Karvetnagar, Sri Chembai vaidyanatha Bhavathar accompanied me.When Chembia's arrival was annonced , the Acharya was somewhat away at the bottom steps of the tank and he ordered Chembai to sing.Chembai has been my good friend (although he is much older in age) and he has taught me a song on Guruvayoorappan (my ishta Deivam.).Chembai wanted me to sing that song with him.

 The Paramacharya asked Chembai who was the person singing with him and Chembai announced in his usual loud voice "My friend Harihara Iyer".On hearing this, the living God Our Paramacharya blessed with a hearty smile.

Another close devotee Mr.Demetrian , is a good friend of mine and he was working as a Professor of Medicine in Paris.The Paramacharya however knew his real land of origin to be Rumenia and he always used to enquire of Demetrian, when I came from Germany to have to have His Darshan. Once Paramacharya was in Mounam.When I visited the Mutt and he showed sign of a mango and enquired of Demetrian , he being a person of Rumenia. I understood the connection with 'Romania' Mango and told him about Demetrian's welfare.The Acharya enquired about the distance from Paris to Germany etc.,.

Another German friend , a painter , came for darshan of the Paramacharya.I took him to the near by camp of the Acharya and he sat by mistake on the top of an ant hill.Nothing happened to my friend throughout his meditation.Later the Acharya's Grace gave him the capacity to paint a portrait of him , purely on mental recollection after that one visit.

Shortly , before the Acharya left his mortal coil, I had his darshan and special blessing.He was having fever and yet allowed me to have his darshan.A few days later, I left for Germany , and at the departure lounge , the news came of His Samadhi.

Also in the book Moments of a lifetime-Experiences with the Paramacharya of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam)