Love all hate none

Right from my young age creative talent was gifted to me by God. In the early phase of my life this was displayed in Tamil, later in English and then German. Lord Muruga is my 'Ista Deivam' right from age nine and I started composing poems and giving extempore talks in my village which is a part of Nagercoil town. I got inspiration from my tamil teacher Sri Arumuga Navallur and the great poet laureate Sri Desika Vinayagam Pillai.

Some of My English Compositions

A Bhajan

Om Nama shivaya
Siva Siva Siva Siva SadhaShiva
HaraHara Hara Hara MahaDeva

Gangadhara Kanakasabesa Sadhasiva
Umapathe Kailasavasa Mahadeva

VibhoothipriyaVisveshwara Sadhashiva
Parvathinatha parameswara

Smasanavasa Atmasvaroopa Sadhasiva
Karunyaroopa Karunasagara mahadeva

Pampam Pampam Tamarukunanatha Sadhasiva
Trilogaganani Trirupuvasi Mahadeva


God is all Powerful and Omnipresent my child
Temple is place of worship - yesof course
God resides in everyone let us pray to Him/her
By Closing Our Eyes and thinking Of God
All Gods are same and Goddess too all Shathi
Small prayerCorner in our home is enough
To think of God or Goddess and gain power

Good healthGood Knowledge- All we will get
Let us Pray everyday atleast for a short time
With eyes closed or eyes open all alike
God is allPowerful Divine Force my dear child

Oh My Child Oh my Child tell me now
Seed is small and we place it in Earth
What Comes out of the seed tell me now
Out Of Seed Comes out a plant my dear sir
Plant is nice full of life& green leaves
What happens then to plant, tell me now
We Pour Water Put Manure My dear sir
Out Of the plant grows a nice big tree
Full of flowers and Fruits my dear sir
Man made the tree grow and give us fruits
Tree Came out of thePlant and plant outof seed
Who made the seed full of life tell me now
Seed is created by God Out of love my dear sir
God Created this Universe and all of us too
Man and Nature Surely depend on each other
Let us love and respect nature& get God's Grace

True love and Honesty are very important
These qualities would give us life and power
Nature is bountiful let us love nature– all
Trees, Plants, animals and birds all alike
This will give us always positive thought
Nature is the source of all living beings
Let us therefore lead a natural life & pray
To the five elements which represent God
Earth ,water,air,fire and ether-sun is fire
Through Sun God we all exist and grow

(composed for my grand daughter on 26th september2004)


Poem on the South Island God lives there in solitude

The soothing breeze, the calming waters
Beautiful sunshine of springtime galore
Atmosphere so calm and people so kind
Twenty million sheep v/s one million humans
Christchurch the start with its nice layout
Parallel streets and harmonious buildings
Nice Cathedral, parks and statues of men
Setting the right scene of natural splendour
Forging the spirit of unity with bright future

Lord Krishna spreads His magic everywhere
Harekrishna temple is there in serene setting
wandering path of lakes and rivers all over
Made picturesque by the splendid transalpine
Train journey to Greymouth never to forget
Drives in luxury by car through great scenes
titillating sight of Lyttleton town on hill
drive through fascinating scenes of nature

adventurous man has created the roads
through hills mountains and the passes
yet demonstrating the might of Almighty
travelling further through Lake takepo
lake of unending water in different depths
surrounding the quaint little Queenstown

A lot more to survey and enjoy with excitement
through middle earth-home of Lord of the Rings
Journey through Te Anau downs and Lake
partaking in forest walks offering great sights
through egglington valley of charm
Divine beauty of Chasm and the Falls
crushing and rolling the stones with its might

Not to miss the Homer tunnel passage
leading to milford the Paradise on Earth
enabling one to cruise to milford sound
Crowning spectacle of its course through water
with birds, penguins, dolphins and seals
breathtaking experience one and only of its kind
unforgettable beauty of the Untouched world.
enabling one to cruise to milford sound
Crowning spectacle of its course through water
with birds, penguins, dolphins and seals
breathtaking experience one and only of its kind
unforgettable beauty of the Untouched world.



The spirit of Man lies in his innocence and inspiration

Intertwined are they to make life meaningful and worthwhile

Success comes to those who endeavour to achieve with innocence

Humility goes with innocence and Pride blocks all innovation

Purpose of life is to be creative and diligent without arrogance

Arrogance takes root when we lose our innocence and naturalness

God has given more opportunities to a chosen few to strive hard

And be worthwhile and useful to the society at large in all ways

Life is short and the human form gives you an ample chance to serve


Love is the secret

Love is the secret and essence of life

emotions are good when based on love

Suspicion is the first enemy for man

Friendship can grow and affection too

Mankind can progress much faster and

Transform the world into paradise